When people who are refugees leave their home country, they usually come with very little to nothing for their new homes in the United States. The Resettlement Agency is obligated to fill their home with many items, but not everything a family may need. You can help by donating items on the "General Donation List" or providing one or more "Welcome to America Packs"



General Donation List

Furnishings Cleaning Supplies
Mattress (must be new) Dish Soap
Bed Frame Bathroom/Kitchen Cleanser
Box Spring Sponges/Cleaning Rags/Paper Towels
Chest of Drawers Laundry Detergent
Kitchen Table Mop & Bucket
Kitchen Chairs Broom & Dust Pan
Couch or equivalent seating All-Purpose Spray Cleaner
Lamp Waste Baskets
  Trash Bags
Kitchen Items Toilet Brush
Fork, Knife, Spoon/person in family Shower Curtain and Hooks
Plate, Bowl, Cup, Mug/person in family  
Pots and Pans Set  
Pot Holders Toiletries
Kitchen Towels Toilet paper
Tea Kettle Shampoo
Baking Dish/Cookie Sheet Soap
Mixing/Serving Bowls Toothpaste
Kitchen Utensils (spatula, spoon, knives) Toothbrush/family member
Can Opener Feminine Products
Rice Cooker (if appropriate) Razors
Food Storage Containers Deodorant
Can for Used Oil  
  Food (Culturally Appropriate)
Linens and Other Household Items  
Towel/Hand Towel/Washcloth/family member  
Sheets/Pillowcase/Pillows and Blankets /bed Baby Items (If Needed)
Alarm Clock  
Paper, Pens and/or pencils  
Light bulbs  
Additional Items Needed But Only Given If Have Donations!
Table Cloth Rugs
Bath Mats Microwave
Vacuum TV

Welcome to America Packs

The “Packs” listed below are ways that we can tangibly help a new family by supplying many of the items they need to set up a new home. This is based on a family of four. You or a group of you can supply all of the items below or choose one of the packs and gather the items listed. Many of the items do not need to be new, but can be gently used items in good condition.

General Household Pack

8 Light bulbs




Scotch Tape

Paper Clips 


Book of Stamps




Small Tool Kit


Bathroom Pack

4 Bath Towels

4 Washcloths

Shower Curtain with hooks

4 Bars of Soap*

2 Bottles of Shampoo*

1 Bottle of Hand Lotion*

2 Boxes of Kleenex*


4 Tooth Brushes*

2 Tubes of Toothpaste*

Deodorant (Men & Women)*

15 Disposable Razors*

Box of Feminine Supplies*

4 Rolls of Toilet Paper*

Small Trashcan


Kitchen Pack

8 Plates/bowls and cups

8 Forks/knives and spoons

8 Drinking glasses

Set of Mixing/Serving Bowls

Set of Pots and Pans

Rice Cooker

Set of Cooking Utensils

Measuring Spoons

Measuring Cups

Tea Kettle



Set of Sharp Knives 

Manual Can Opener

Cutting Board

Aluminum Foil*

Plastic Wrap*

Kitchen Towels

Dish Cloths

Baking Pans

Plastic Containers for Storage


Cleaning Pack

All Purpose Cleaner Spray*

Bottle of Dish Detergent*

Box of Dishwasher Soap*

Bathroom/Kitchen Cleanser*

Tall Kitchen Trashcan

Box of Tall Trash Bags*

2 Sponges with Scrubby Side* 


Broom/Dust Pan

Laundry Soap*

Laundry Basket

2 Paper Towel Rolls*

Toilet Brush*

Bedroom Pack

Warm Blankets: 1 Full, 2 Twin

Sheets/Pillowcases: 1 Full, 2 Twin

4 Bed Pillows * 


Alarm Clock/Radio

25 Hangars

Fun/Misc. Pack

World Map

Map of US

Map of Boise


American Flag


Prepaid International Calling Card

Pictures for Walls

English Dictionary

English Picture Dictionary

Backpack/Satchel/or Briefcase


Child & Baby Supply Pack


Pens, Pencils, Erasers

Crayons/Coloring Pens/Pencils

2 Children’s Picture Books




Diapers and Wet Wipes – Variety of Sizes

Baby Lotion

Baby Shampoo


First Aide Kit



Tylenol – Adult*

Tylenol – Child*

Antiseptic Spray*

Antibacterial Ointment*