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Getting involved as a Glocal Friend

One way to get involved is becoming part of a 'Glocal Friends' team. Glocal Friends will receive training and be matched with a refugee family. Each team could look different. Some will be comprised of just family members; others may be a Bible Study or fellowship group. The matching of Glocal Friends with a refugee family will be done in partnership with one of the resettlement agencies in Boise – International Rescue Committee, World Relief or Agency for New Americans

Although this new relationship may involve simple acts of service to help your new American friends better adjust, becoming a friend and not just a volunteer is the hope of Glocal. These simple acts of service may start by meeting your new friends at the airport or just helping them get adjusted to their new housing situation and neighborhood. Each Glocal Friends team is asked to make an initial 3-month commitment to walk alongside a family that is in the resettlement process.